What Can You Do With a Master’s in Instructional Technology? female student thinking

What Can You Do With a Master’s in Instructional Technology?

With a master’s in instructional technology in your hands, you can do pretty much anything that concerns the use of technology in creating immersive educational experiences.  The goal of instructional technology as a discipline is to envision and implement various digital assets in teaching environments, thus dramatically improving students’ learning outcomes. A true EdTech professional […]

What is The Difference Between Educational & Instructional Technology?

Even though the terms educational and instructional technology may seem compatible, they have important subtle differences. While educational technology is based on a wider scope including philosophical aspects, essential approaches, both theoretical and applied subjects on using technology to support education, instructional technology is related to the usage of the technology on how-to perform instruction […]

Which PhD Pays The Most? male student

The Knowledge Economy: Which PhD Pays The Most?

In today’s world, obtaining a PhD implies taking a road less traveled, which will eventually lead you to become a valuable “human capital” with a high-powered degree in your hands. Exciting times for nerds indeed. But is that true for all doctorate programmes out there? Or, are they not all created equal? A 2018 study, […]

Can you get a PhD without a Masters? a male student wonders

Can you get a PhD without a Masters

Nowadays, virtually every blog will tell you that it is possible to get a PhD without a Master’s degree. And they are entirely correct.  Many universities worldwide have decided to modify the traditional academic admission route and fast-track students’ progress up the educational ladder.  And that’s fine. For the most part, bypassing the Master’s programme […]