What is The Difference Between Educational & Instructional Technology?

Even though the terms educational and instructional technology may seem compatible, they have important subtle differences. While educational technology is based on a wider scope including philosophical aspects, essential approaches, both theoretical and applied subjects on using technology to support education, instructional technology is related to the usage of the technology on how-to perform instruction […]

Which PhD Pays The Most? male student

The Knowledge Economy: Which PhD Pays The Most?

In today’s world, obtaining a PhD implies taking a road less traveled, which will eventually lead you to become a valuable “human capital” with a high-powered degree in your hands. Exciting times for nerds indeed. But is that true for all doctorate programmes out there? Or, are they not all created equal? A 2018 study, […]

Can you get a PhD without a Masters? a male student wonders

Can you get a PhD without a Masters

Nowadays, virtually every blog will tell you that it is possible to get a PhD without a Master’s degree. And they are entirely correct.  Many universities worldwide have decided to modify the traditional academic admission route and fast-track students’ progress up the educational ladder.  And that’s fine. For the most part, bypassing the Master’s programme […]

General MBA students learn together

Top 12 Jobs for General MBA Holder

“Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet.”  Henry Mintzberg Are you determined to succeed in business management? An online MBA program will provide you with a solid overview of business leadership, covering everything from economics to management skills.  As MBA degrees are highly valued by the employees, they are a […]

Unza online courses female student learning and writes something

Step up Your Elearning Game With Unza Online Courses

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Malcolm X Uncomfortable chairs and stifling classrooms are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Today, you can experience an academic journey on a whole new level thanks to elearning. The main reason why online courses are so […]

5 stages of project management

What Are The 5 Stages of Project Management

Behind any successful project stands a project manager worth his or her weight in gold.  The widespread belief that their sole job is to remind everyone about deadlines and set up status meetings doesn’t do these professionals justice. So what do you do as a project manager? Basically, you’re responsible for planning, organizing, and directing […]