Research Practicum (16 weeks)

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Course Description

The Research Practicums have as a goal to immerse the student on to the process of writing academically for a purpose and to get the student thinking about the topic of his dissertation, students will be seeking publishing or participation in a conference through the work they put together and will be preparing for the forum in the last practicum. 

The Practicum 2 culminates with 3-day intensive session, usually on campus but different locations may be selected depending on Faculty presenting, and the cohort’s overall location and interest. The Practicum will have a sequential focus aiming to prepare the student to develop and practice research towards a submission to a publication and or to conference. The Last Practicum will serve as a Forum presenting student’s research and compiling hence a publication of the Practicum will be compiled for the cohort. Each Practicum has a specific goal and deliverable, course details are presented in the course descriptions included as a final topic in this document. The Course Fees for the Research Practicum do not cover Flight, Transport, Accommodations, Meals. Students will have to arrangements on their own. If student is unable to meet the face to face requirements, there could be alternatives that could lead the student to still be able to get the full credit and the full experience or similar.  

The electronic compilation of all the papers will be available in digital form, and If you would like to get a printed copy it can be done by paying separate fee



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