PhD Tuition and Fees

PhD in Business and Management

DescriptionAmount (in USD or Kwacha Equivalent)
Application Fee100 USD
Total tuition fees due (Plan A)4000 USD Per Year
Total tuition fees due (Plan B)750 USD Per Term (6 per year)
Technology FeeIncluded
Instructional MaterialsIncluded

1.0          Application fee

The application fee is the first payment candidates must make as they apply for admission into the Graduate School of Business. 

2.0          Tuition fees

There are two payment plans with respect to payment of tuition fees applicable to the online PhD students in the Graduate School of Business. All fees shall be deposited in the bank account provided under section 3.0. Students shall choose either plan A or Plan B with respect to their preferred mode of settling tuition fees.

Payment plan A: PAY PER YEAR

Tuition fees: A Yearly payment of $4000 to cover the yearly cost of the PhD program. This is required at the commencement of the programme. This payment does not include the graduation fee or any fees associated with traveling.


Tuition fees: $750 per Term. Each due 10 days prior to the start of the term.

For inquiries concerning fees and payments, contact:

Student Services, Graduate School of Business: